Kaiser Therapists Negotiations Update: August 29, 2013

August 2013

On Wednesday, we met separately to discuss workload and staffing.  Thursday, potential templates for productivity were suggested to management in the following areas:

Workload and Staffing

  • Outpatient PT/OT
  • Inpatient PT/OT
  • Home Health PT/OT
  • Specialty Areas (Pelvic Floor, Pediatrics, Lymphedema)
  • RT/OT Mental Health

It has also been brought to the attention of your Negotiating Team that not all therapists have been made aware of their rights in regard to investigations and disciplinary meetings with management.  Below is a summary of your rights.

Weingarten Rights: Know your rights

Anytime you are questioned by a supervisor and you believe discipline may result or notes are taken:

  • Request a UNAC/UHCP Representative
  • Management must ensure a Representative is present, if requested

You have a right to:

  • To know what you are being accused of
  • To review documentation that may be used against you
  • Time to confer with your Representative

Don’t answer anything if a Representative is not provided, just keep the chair warm.

To reach a Representative by area, please contact the following:

Vanessa Caballero (619) 248-3319, vanessa.caballero@unacuhcp.org (Baldwin Park, Ontario, Fontana, Riverside, and San Diego)

Jacque Bowman (951) 312-7130, jacque.bowman@unacuhcp.org (Orange County, Downey, South Bay, West LA, LAMC, Panorama City, Woodland Hills, and Bakersfield)

Next week, negotiations will resume the discussion of workload, staffing, scheduling of vacation and will revisit flexible schedules and weekend coverage

“I think it’s exciting to have management and therapists from different areas working together to solve issues that affect all of us and our patients.” –Debra Sung, PT, Baldwin Park

Download a leaflet with this information to print and share with co-workers.