Kaiser Therapists: Do You Work Off the Clock?

July 2013

We will soon begin negotiating workload issues. It has come to our attention, through the initial bargaining survey and one-on-one conversations we have had across the region, that it is a fairly common practice for Kaiser Therapists to work off the clock in order to complete daily work assignments without incurring overtime.

You should know that as an hourly employee, working off the clock is considered time card fraud and is a serious company offense. Our impression is that many managers are aware of this practice, and are turning a “blind eye” to it in the interest of you finishing your work within your regularly scheduled hours.

We encourage all Therapists to end this practice immediately, for two reasons: (1) to protect your job, and (2) to show that many of us have workloads impossible to complete during our 8- or 10-hour workday.

To help us understand how often and for how long Therapists may be working off the clock, please complete this ANONYMOUS SURVEY. The survey results are for the exclusive use of your negotiating team -- we will only share highly aggregated data with management, and only if necessary.

Fill out the ANONYMOUS survey here.

Thank you.