Kaiser Sunset’s Chris Massie, RN Wins Star Award For Safety Excellence

March 2017

While monitoring a patient at Kaiser Los Angeles Medical Center (LAMC), RN Chris Massie showed the level of care needed to be a true patient advocate and was awarded Kaiser Sunset's Star Award for Safety Excellence.

It was during a visit that Chris had a conversation with a patient about nutrition and the discussion revealed a daily overconsumption of tuna. With his background in nutrition from his work in cardiac rehab, Chris recommended follow-up with a primary care physician because eating that much tuna everyday was not healthy.

Chris later received a message from the patient’s primary care provider and the Chief of Cardiology commending him for his work. Because of his advice, they were able to identify the beginnings of mercury poisoning! It turns out the patient’s mercury level was two times the normal level.

Had Chris not gone the extra mile, it is unknown how long it would have taken to identify the patient’s mercury poisoning and get the patient treated.

Congrats to Chris and all hardworking union members who work around the clock to deliver quality care and keep patients safe! Chris also takes an active role in our union as Kaiser Sunset Registered Nurses Association (KSRNA) Treasurer. We’re proud to have an everyday leader like Chris be a member of our UNAC/UHCP family.