Kaiser South Bay Stands Up for Local UFCW

July 2011

On July 26, UNAC/UHCP members from Kaiser South Bay visited their local Albertsons to show support for the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW). The UFCW is in a difficult contract negotiation in Southern California, and represents the workers at Vons, Ralphs and Albertsons, the workers in your local neighborhood grocery store. Their contract expired in March.

UNAC/UHCP members from Kaiser South Bay Angie Gonzalez, RN, MaryAnn Martin, RN, Teresa Alcala, RN, Yadira Velasquez, RN, Jeannine Menzies, RN, Susan Anderson, RN, Larry Rick, PA-C, Charmaine Morales, RN, and Irma Bermudez, RN signed a letter in support of the workers and went to the local store to speak to the manager about the issue.

The letter said, in part "the contract has expired and still very little progress has been made. We encourage you to make the time necessary to negotiate a new contract, as the uncertainty surrounding negotiations after [a contract] expires is unfair not only to your employees but also to consumers and the communities we serve."

During this time, when unions and collective bargaining rights are under attack, we must make every effort to support other unions in their efforts to win better wages, benefits and working conditions for their members. And while UFCW is in the middle of their contract fight, UNAC/UHCP is no stranger to these battles. In addition to several tough current negotiations, we are preparing for our own difficult contract negotiation for 4,000 Registered Nurses at Sharp hospitals, and next year for thousands of health care professionals at Kaiser.