Kaiser: Respect is a Two-Way Street

May 2013

Kaiser’s Southern California management has turned its back on Registered Nurses and Health Care Professionals. Kaiser’s blatant violation of our contract seniority provision and the implementation of reduction in force is a signal that Kaiser does not respect us as professionals. But this is only the beginning.

Here are the updated facts:

  • We learned that when Kaiser implemented reductions in force in the rest of the country, they utilized the principle of seniority. Only in Southern California did Kaiser management choose to ignore our rights.
  • After reviewing the affected list of employees, there are more than 80 Registered Nurses and Health care Professionals that have earned seniority within Kaiser that should never have received a layoff notice in the first place.
  • A meeting was scheduled for April 23rd to negotiate the integration of seniority and EISA, but we were shocked to learn it has been canceled.
  • Kaiser continues to refuse to provide information that we requested as part of our grievance on this issue.

What is  taken from one of us can be taken from all of us. Each UNAC/UHCP Health Care Professional must take an individual stand in their department and across the region. This means UNAC/UHCP members in every Kaiser Hospital and every ambulatory setting need to protest Kaiser’s violations.

It is imperative that every UNAC/UHCP Kaiser member take the following steps:

  1. Do not participate in any labor/management activities. Kaiser must understand that if they violate our rights we will not help them to achieve their corporate goals.
  2. Beware of Kaiser’s new tactic: Kaiser is switching it up now. Across the region management is converting previous UBT’s into “newly named teams” trying to continue the work, using UNAC/UHCP members on these teams.

Do not participate on these teams. You can maintain your excellent care without being on a team.

We will return to LMP team work when Kaiser does the right thing. Being a professional means you take a stand on what is right for your patients, yourself and the future of your family.

Kaiser's Going the Wrong Way

Download this information as a leaflet to print and share with co-workers.