Kaiser Pharmacists Unite for Change. Election Began February 13.

February 2015

Kaiser Pharmacists’ chance to join UNAC/UHCP began February 13, with a mail ballot election conducted by the National Labor Relations Board. We encourage all KP Southern California pharmacists to vote for UNAC/UHCP. Vote for change.

We encourage all Kaiser UNAC/UHCP members to invite the pharmacists you work with to join UNAC/UHCP. As bargaining for a new National Agreement approaches, there’s never been a better time.

Kaiser SoCal Pharmacists File Petition to Join UNAC/UHCP
On December 4, Kaiser Permanente Southern California pharmacists took an important step forward by filing signed petitions with the National Labor Relations Board, calling for an election so that the pharmacists can join UNAC/UHCP and the power of the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions’ 100,000 members.

Get Involved
+ Find out more information on the Kaiser SoCal Pharmacists for UNAC/UHCP website

+ Pharmacists, show Kaiser we’re united for change. Sign the “Vote for UNAC/UHCP” petition

+ Listen to the webinars featuring UNAC/UHCP's Bill Rouse