Kaiser Pharmacists Push ‘Forty in Ten’ to New Ground

March 2015

In 2014, Kaiser pharmacists in Southern California decided it was time to warm up. After the group had their pensions frozen in 2013, they were now staring down a multi-year wage freeze in a series of disappointing tentative agreements.

A group of these Southern California pharmacists reached out to UNAC/UHCP in order to pursue a new direction in their negotiations with Kaiser. Over the last four years, our union has added over 2,000 new health care professionals in the Kaiser system, including physical and occupation therapists, case managers, and nurse midwives.

“When we joined UNAC/UHCP in 2012, we faced losing our pension plan,” says Liza Ventura, RN, a case manager at Kaiser regional. “In less than eight months, we had a signed contract with a wage grid, annual raises, secure pension and a voice in workloads and patient care.”

As members of the 100,000+ member Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions (CKPU), UNAC/UHCP has the power to negotiate great contracts for members, ensuring the safety of pensions and in the process winning workload protections for new members.

Kaiser pharmacists overwhelmingly voted to join UNAC/UHCP in a February election.