Take the UNAC/UHCP Local Bargaining Survey

January 2012

Together, let's imagine our future. We have the responsibility in these negotiations to make sure that we secure what we have as we go forward into our future. Falling back is not an option. We all need to step up--be active, educated and informed. Unionized workers in our country have faced difficult negotiations in every industry. Our negotiations are likely to be no different.

Please complete the local bargaining survey online here.

As Kaiser Health Care Professionals we have enormous strength when we stand together. These negotiations are about securing a healthy future for all of us, together.

Because expect negotiations to be difficult, we are preparing now. The next step you can take to make sure we protect our benefits and win a fair contract that guarantees the standards we have fought so hard to achieve is to fill out our Local Bargaining Survey. This survey will help establish our priorities. We ask that you take just a few minutes to complete it online here.

National bargaining with Kaiser will begin the week of March 5, 2012.