Kaiser FLEX Plan Cost Increases: You Do the Math

May 2012

Have a family of 4? A few monthly prescriptions? An ER visit here or there?

Here’s how Kaiser FLEX plans increase our costs, and not just today, but likely into the future.


If your family has doctor visits about 10 times a year that’s $200 under flex vs. the $50 you pay now.

If your family has about 3 ER visits a year, that’s $150 under flex vs. the $15 you pay now.

Got admitted to the hospital? That’s $100 per day under flex vs. the ZERO you pay now.

Do your family members combined have about 5 prescriptions/month? That’s $100 under flex vs. $25 you pay now.

But that’s not all. Under flex Kaiser will give full time employees enough “credits” to “buy” a “mid level” plan with the above co-pays. If you work less than 31 hours per week, you will only receive 60-80% of the “credits”, and will have to dip into your own pocket to pay for a portion of the premium costs of your health insurance. [Kaiser has already implemented Flex for management and the Pharmacy Guild.]

"Increased health care costs would mean my family would have to sacrifice family time so I could work extra shifts to afford to pay additional costs."
--Ebonee Brown, RN, Kaiser Fontana Registred Nurses Association

To see a table contrasting our current plan with the Flex plan, click here.