Judge Finds Chino Valley Medical Center Guilty of Egregious Misconduct Against RNs

December 2011

In yet another legal ruling against Chino Valley Medical Center (CVMC), an Administrative Law Judge found CVMC engaged in “egregious widespread misconduct” against Chino Valley RNs for organizing a union. The testimony, strength and commitment of Chino Valley RNs won this decision.

Crucial in the decision was the order to reinstate Ronald Magsino, RN, with full back pay and benefits. Ron was found innocent of all allegations made by CVMC.

The judge ordered CVMC, owned by Prime Healthcare, to “cease and desist” from its unfair labor practices. The judge’s findings of misconduct and “disregard of employees’ fundamental rights” included CVMC’s threats, interrogation and retaliatory discipline against RNs. He ordered the hospital to cease its stricter enforcement of rules and rescind any resulting discipline that was
unlawfully issued to dozens of Chino Valley RNs.

In April 2010, Chino Valley RNs voted overwhelmingly for representation by UNAC/UHCP. Since that time, Prime Healthcare has engaged in a four-front legal battle to avoid its legal obligation to bargain with the RNs. Prime Healthcare also operates Garden Grove Hospital, a UNAC/UHCP affiliate.