Joy Harvey, RN, Retires with Our Hearts

March 2014

JoyHarvey_TheVoice_MarchApril2014As Joy Harvey, RN, nears her retirement in April she continues to do what she has done since being hired as a UNAC/UHCP Staff Rep in 2003 – provide gold standard representation to those members who need her help. Union activism is in her blood and she credits her father, explaining, “He was a union member and he emphasized those values to his children.” When UNAC/UHCP helped the nurses at Lakewood Regional organize in 2000, she jumped at the opportunity to help.

What does UNAC/UHCP have that other nursing unions don’t? “Professionalism and a high standard of representation that is unmatched,” says Joy. With a sense of quiet pride she adds that “the most gratifying experiences have been getting wrongly terminated nurses put back to work, seeing justice done and showing other nurses that it’s possible.”

Joy’s departure will leave a huge hole in the heart of UNAC/UHCP but she is confident the union will be just fine after she’s gone. “I like to think that I will leave behind a little piece of me in all my colleagues.”

Joy is looking forward to the many adventures that await her in retirement. With thirteen grandchildren and another due this April, there should be no shortage of good times ahead. We’ll miss you Joy Harvey, and wish you all the best.