Join Thousands to March Against Wal-Mart and Low Wage Jobs! No Wal-Martization of LA!

June 2012

We have joined the growing effort to stop Wal-Mart’s expansion in Los Angeles. We will march against Wal-Mart on June 30th in Chinatown!

Wal-Mart is trying to get a foothold in Los Angeles starting in Chinatown, but every neighborhood is at risk. Wal-Mart destroys small businesses, creates poverty-level jobs and drives down wages for all of us. We are rising up together to say: “No Wal-Martization of L.A.!”

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Most importantly...

Join us, along with thousands of Chinatown residents, youth, labor, community, civil rights and small business owners for the largest protest against Wal-Mart ever to be held in the U.S. on June 30th in Chinatown!

March Against Wal-Mart and Low Wage Jobs!
Saturday, June 30th, 10AM
Los Angeles State Historic Park (The Cornfield)
1245 N. Spring Street, Los Angeles 90012
Contact: 213-381-5611 ext. 126

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According to research from Making Change at Walmart, the consequences of a Wal-Mart invasion of Los Angeles will be disastrous. The advocacy group estimates that Wal-Mart’s grocery expansion would lead to a loss of over 8,000 retail jobs, a loss of more than $621 million in wages per year for retail in Los Angeles County and an increase of 9,400 workers who must rely on taxpayer-funded Medi-Cal for health care.