Jack of all Trades

July 2014

Sandy Oleson has been there and done that. In her nursing career she delivered babies, fixed the hospital boiler, and everything in between. She learned to be flexible while growing up with nine siblings and frequently moving around the country as her father’s work with the Union Pacific railroad demanded. Her mother was a nurse and Olson’s decision to follow in her mother’s footsteps came naturally. She says in those days, women “became one of three things; a secretary, a teacher, or a nurse, and nursing felt right to me.“

In 1979 Olson moved to San Diego to take a job with Kaiser and worked there until 1992 when, while attending the UNAC/UHCP convention, President Kathy J. Sackman recruited her to become a staff representative for the Union. It was impossible to say no to Sackman as she had in hand a signed petition from all the Kaiser San Diego convention delegates insisting that UNAC/UHCP hire her. After serving for 22 years, she is retiring and packing her bags for the next destination.

“The Union is growing at an exceptional rate” says Oleson. “That’s a good thing and the growth brings with it many challenges. It’s important that we continue to grow as a union.” She is certain the union will continue to thrive long into the future and offers the following advice for success, “go slow to go fast, and remember to always enjoy the work that you do.”