Important Vote: St. Francis Negotiating Committee

March 2011

Voting is now taking place for the St. Francis Negotiating Committee.  Ballots were mailed to your home on March 7th and are due back by March 21st (please mail them back).  The following RNs have been nominated and are running for the negotiating committee:

Miriam Pinawin, RN, BSN, NICU

Diane Thomas, RN, Med Surg/4

Margo Chavez, RN, ICU

Jenea Carraway, RNC, L&D

Rosa Carcamo, RN, ER

Kelle Falbo, RN, NICU

Deborah Montijo, RN, ICU

Marilen Castanon, RN, ICU

Ana Bergeron, RN, Cath Lab/Angio

Virginia McCoy, RN, Case Management

Please be sure to vote!

If you have not yet filled out your bargaining survey, please do so by clicking here to fill it online, or by getting a copy from one of the affiliate officers or your union staff rep, Armin Reyes at (951) 966-6089.