Important Update

December 2012

Mandatory Certification: ACLS/BCLS/PALS/NALS

SFMC Management has announced the following:

  1. SFMC Management is suspending the requirement that all certification (acls/bcls/pals/nals) be obtained through SFMC for 60 days (February 11, 2013).
  2. As of December 13, 2012 until February 11, 2013 if an associate chooses to take a certification class at SFMC they will not be eligible for pay under the mandatory education clause of the LMA (contract).
  3. SFMC will review community standards around the certification issue

SFRNA will continue to pursue resolution through the grievance procedure. If you obtained certification at SFMC from December 01, 2012 through December 13, 2013 and you were not paid for your time or you paid for the class (including if you received reimbursement through your education hours) please contact an officer or representative.