Important Update Concerning Our Pre-Bargaining Work

March 2015

Dear Professional Colleague,

Negotiations Team Nominations

Good news – 51 pharmacists were nominated for the 16 negotiations team positions. Because of the large number of nominees, we have not finished confirming interest and commitment from all 51 nominees. We'll complete this work over the weekend and mail election ballots on Monday, March 23. Please complete your ballot and return it as soon as possible. The new deadline for returning ballots is Wednesday, April 1. We will count the ballots on Thursday, April 2. All pharmacists are welcome to attend the count at the UNAC/UHCP San Dimas office.

Pre-Bargaining Focus Group Meetings

We have scheduled over the next two weeks pre-bargaining meetings at every medical center. The purpose of the meetings is to discuss the negotiations survey's preliminary results and to better understand your perspective of how to appropriately address the concerns found in the preliminary results. We need your input!  You may attend any meeting at any location that is most convenient for you. Please try to attend one of the meetings. We are in the process of setting a meeting for Kern pharmacists.

Pre-Bargaining Meeting Schedule
Click here to view and/or download the full schedule.

Online Negotiations Survey

More than 400 pharmacists have already completed the online negotiations survey. Don't be left out – complete the survey as soon as possible. It can be found at: http://archive.unacuhcp.org/pharmacists-bargaining-survey.

Thanks for your continued support.

In solidarity,
Bill Rouse
Chief Negotiator