Important Kaiser Update

March 2018


With developments occurring rapidly around Kaiser negotiations and our new union alliance, we want to make sure you have the latest information.

New Union Alliance

The 21 local unions who left the coalition on Monday have been actively working to establish a new structure – one that builds on what worked best with the prior coalition, while addressing the governance problems that became obvious over the past several years. We are working to formalize our new alliance in the next few weeks.


As you know from Kaiser Permanente’s all-employee email yesterday, the company did not bargain with the existing coalition this week, and they have canceled the April 10-12 sessions. Management told us they want to step back and talk to all partnership locals before they re-engage in any bargaining process. We will meet with management soon to discuss our vision of the future.

Just know, our own goals have never wavered:

  1. We remain committed to partnership.
  2. We will bargain a great national agreement, covering all new alliance unions.
  3. We will re-bargain our local agreements to win improvements.
  4. We plan to be done by September 30, when our existing contracts expire.

This gives us a little more than six months. However, we will take the time necessary to achieve our goals.

Still in the Partnership

It’s important to remember that we - the unions in the new alliance - did not pull out of the Labor-Management Partnership. We only withdrew from the coalition. As individual unions, we are all signatories to the LMP and the current national agreement. Both remain in full force and effect for our members—including EISA, Ben Hudnall, UBTs and the rest of it.

Also, please remember that our disputes within the coalition were with the leadership of the unions who stayed, not their membership. Their members continue to be our day-to-day colleagues and UBT teammates, and we should continue to support each other in the workplace.

Trusted Sources

Expect to hear a lot of rumors in the coming weeks. Accusations will fly.

Unless you hear something from a UNAC/UHCP staff rep, affiliate officer or known steward, don’t believe it. Your best source of information is to contact one of these trusted sources.

We Control Our Destiny

We could be in for a bit of a bumpy ride in the near-future. But this is a new beginning for us, full of promise. We appreciate your continued support and will keep you updated.

Our solidarity and our active, engaged membership are our great strengths. In this new alliance they will be more powerful than ever before - united we will successfully bargain strong contracts this year.

In unity,

Denise Duncan, RN
UNAC/UHCP President

Bill Rouse
UNAC/UHCP Executive Director