Imagine Our Future: 2012 Kaiser Contract Negotiations

December 2011

The current Labor-Management Agreement (our union contract) between Kaiser and UNAC/UHCP will expire September 30, 2012.  It will mark 40 years that UNAC/UHCP has bargained with Kaiser Permanente, since UNAC/UHCP was born in 1972.

We expect bargaining next year to be difficult.  We are preparing now to have full participation of all Kaiser UNAC/UHCP members at all 13 Affiliates across Southern California.

National Bargaining: 95,000 Union Members Unite

Twenty eight different local unions, representing many different job classifications, come together as a Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions representing 95,000 Kaiser employees across the USA.  Together we bargain with Kaiser over wages and benefits and common union interests.  Negotiations are set to begin in early March 2012.

Local Bargaining

Each individual local union bargains for the specific needs of their members.  This is when UNAC/UHCP will bargain the specific working conditions that apply to our members. We expect this bargaining to begin in the Summer 2012.

Contract Ratification Votes

Once National and Local bargaining is complete, ratification meetings are held throughout Southern California. At these meetings, the negotiated contract is thoroughly explained. UNAC/UHCP members vote on the contract following the meeting. Targeted for Late Summer/Early Fall 2012. UNAC/UHCP seeks your engagement in the negotiations process by actively doing the following:

•    Confirm UNAC/UHCP has your current address, non-Kaiser email, cell and home phone number.
•    Open and read all postal mail, emails and text messages from UNAC/UHCP.
•    Participate in any surveys with timely and honest responses.
•    Attend all meetings related to negotiations.

Join the Contract Action Team (CAT)  to represent your unit/department/shift.  CAT members will work with the negotiating team on keeping UNAC/UHCP members informed and involved during upcoming negotiations.