ICU RNs March on the CNO! Sign a Petition to Show Your Support!

August 2011

Sign a petition in support of the ICU RNs.

FVRH has a long standing practice of utilizing regular staff in ICU for OT/In House registry before outside registry RNs.  Recently the hospital changed this practice resulting in numerous incidents where quality of patient care has been compromised.  Over twenty (20) ICU RNs came together with facts, documentation and their determination to be advocates for their patients health and safety.  On Friday, August 12, 2011 they met with the CNO and HR Chief, not as one voice but as many voices raised as one.  As they continue to advocate, offer your support.  When you pass a ICU RN in the hall or encounter them as they respond to a code in your department, give a smile, a thumbs up, a BRAVO!

Sign a petition in support of the ICU RNs.

A grievance has been filed.