Help Shape Your Bargaining Team

December 2011

On December 9, we mailed a letter to your home explaining the negotiating team structure, including a nomination ballot. On November 22 a neutral third party arbitrator confirmed that a strong majority of Southern California Kaiser case managers and health educators had signed an authorization card to form a union with UNAC/UHCP. Now it is time to build on that achievement by electing a negotiating team to bargain your contract. This is an important first step toward having an effective voice on the job.

The negotiating team will consist of twenty-eight (28) nurses, based on a representational model that ensures all work locations are fairly represented at the bargaining table. Click here to review a copy of the nomination letter sent to your home.

At this link you will find a negotiating team nomination form. If you are interested in serving on the negotiating team yourself, or if you would like to nominate a colleague from your work location, please complete the nomination form and return it to the UNAC/UHCP office to arrive no later than December 19. UNAC/UHCP will contact all nominated nurses to ensure that, if elected, they understand the responsibilities and are willing and able to serve on the negotiating team. Once nominations are closed and we have confirmed interest, we will be mailing ballots so that you can vote on who you would like to represent you at the bargaining table.

Thank you for your participation as we move forward in building your union affiliate.

For more information, contact Rob Penney at 909-451-0596.