United Nurses contribute to Haiti relief efforts with donation and medical volunteers

January 2010

San Dimas, CA - This week the United Nurses Associations of California/Union of Health Care Professionals (UNAC/UHCP) donated $15,000 to Doctors Without Borders to support their Haiti relief operation.  Prior to the earthquake, Doctors Without Borders had established staff at two hospitals in Haiti, both of which were destroyed.  Despite this tragic event, the organization was able to airlift in a field hospital with two operating rooms in order to provide for the most seriously injured victims.

“Knowing that Doctors Without Borders was already delivering medical service in Haiti prior to the disastrous earthquake and will continue serving for the long term made them the ideal choice.  We know that our contribution means that needed resources will get directly to victims sooner rather than later and save countless lives,” said UNAC/UHCP President, Kathy J. Sackman, RN.

Since 2000, UNAC/UHCP has donated $10,000 to charitable organizations selected by one of their union affiliates on a rotating basis.  Originally, the contribution was given in conjunction with Nurses Week held in May.  However, in light of the magnitude of devastation in Haiti and urgent need, UNAC/UHCP decided to increase the contribution and give it now rather than this spring.

“Some of the resources that can save thousands of lives like antibiotics, disinfectants, sterile medical supplies and bandages are very inexpensive. So we know that every amount of support makes a difference,” added Sackman.

In addition to the financial contribution, there are several UNAC/UHCP nurses volunteering in a medical capacity in Haiti. They are in the field caring for some of the most badly injured victims.