Governor Brown Vetoes Staffing Ratio Enforcement Bill

October 2014

SB 455, a bill sponsored by UNAC/UHCP which would require hospitals to be in compliance with California’s nurse-to-patient ratio law, had been sitting on California Governor Jerry Brown's desk for the past 25 days.  Unfortunately, on September 29, the Governor vetoed SB 455.

While UNAC/UHCP is not pleased with the veto, we acknowledge the bill has prompted the Governor’s administration to take action.  In meetings with the administration, we have been told the California Department of Public Health is currently engaged in promulgating regulations designed to ensure compliance with nurse staffing ratios by hospitals.  We fully support these efforts and will remain highly engaged in the regulatory process.

Although there are some improvements coming, our work is not done. We need to continue to fill out staffing objections and turn them in to our local officer, staff representative or the UNAC/UHCP office. Only in this way will we be able to continue to demonstrate hospitals are falling short on staffing requirements.

Lastly, thank you to all who submitted emails, letters and made calls to the Governor. Your immediate action was very critical, and it is this same enthusiasm that will help us continue to grow our union.