GGRNA-UNAC/UHCP Upholds Union Contract

May 2017

Last year, Garden Grove RNs and GGH/PRIME Healthcare bargained a new 3 year contract. The contract was ratified on October 7, 2016 by GGRNA members and remains in full force and effect until expiration on September 30, 2019.

Last month, management requested a meeting with our union. At this meeting, management expressed an interest in instituting a wage grid for GGRNA RNs. The grid would include wage increases intended to address problems associated with recruitment and retention. Management’s wage grid, as described, covered a span of 15 years from date of hire and did not include any step increases after 15 years of service. In addition, management indicated that the grid would need to be paid for by instituting significant benefit cuts. The takeaways would include loss of shift differential and service bonuses.

Our union listened carefully to the offer and in the interest of advocating for all bargaining unit members submitted a request for information (RFI) to learn what impact these changes would have on the bargaining unit as a whole. GGRNA reviewed the information provided by management and determined that the potential benefits to members did not outweigh the overall cost to the entire membership.

Our union was presented with a wage grid dependent upon benefit cuts, each of which had significant negative outcomes for members. At this time no agreement on changes to the current contract has been reached.

It should be clearly understood that the interest of our union is in protecting all bargaining unit members and their hard won contract. We recognize that a wage grid can bring with it certain enhancements but the fact that those enhancements only benefit a small segment of the membership is highly problematic. This in combination with the negative impacts of the benefit cuts is simply not acceptable.

We remain open to improving any part of the contract, including the implementation of a wage grid, should management bring forth an offer to do so that does not impact member benefits in a negative way.

If you have questions or concerns please contact your Affiliate Officers or Staff Representatives.

Helen Bouman, President (714) 348-5704 Med-Surg
Jowie Mendoza, Vice-President (714) 322-0110 Med-Surg
Jenny Quach, Secretary (714) 310-5574 Telemetry
Marjorie Tapales, Treasurer (562) 841-0112 Telemetry
Nenette Ong, Liaison (714) 514-4217 Telemetry
Armin Reyes, UNAC/UHCP Staff Representative (951) 966-6089
Minerva Aller Dela Fuente, UNAC/UHCP Staff Representative (562) 201-9992