Scholarship Program

*** The 2017 UNAC/UHCP Scholarship application period is now closed. ***

In 2017, UNAC/UHCP received more scholarship applications than ever before, and had more member volunteers to score them than ever before! Congratulations to our winners, listed below. Stay tuned for information about the 2018 scholarship program in October 2017.


2017 Kathy J. Sackman Member Scholarship Winners

Kaiser Riverside PA James N. Carnahan is attending Lynchburg College to get a Doctorate of Medical Science (DMSc) degree with a concentration in both health care delivery and executive leadership.

Lakewood RN Sheila Marie Maderazo is attending UCLA, studying for her MSN/ACNP specializing in acute care of adult and gerontology population.

Kaiser San Diego RN Heather Mallon is attending University of Colorado, Denver, Anschutz Medical Campus for PhD in Nursing, researching stress and personality in young adults.

Kaiser Woodland Hills RN Harina Mattappally will be attending University of Phoenix, studying for her Family Nurse Practitioner degree.

Kaiser South Bay RN Valerie Pham is pursuing a Ph.D. in Nursing Science at University of California, Irvine (UCI).


2017 Sonia Moseley Family Scholarship Winners
Kaiser West LA RN Ugoeze Anum's daughter, Diana Anum, is pursuing a Bachelor's of Science in Human Biology and Society at UCLA on the way to becoming a pediatrician.

Kaiser Panorama City RN Leobel Garcia's mother, Marielle Garcia, is pursuing a B.S. Nursing at Mount Saint Mary's University.

UPSC member pharmacist Parth Kurani's son, also named Parth Kurani, will be attending Brown University, pursuing a degree in Biology - Computer Science for a future in the field of bioinformatics.

UTSC member PT Josephine Rausa's daughter, Jillian Rausa, is pursuing a Masters in Public Health at Boston University. Jillian Rausa will be continuing their education at Boston University, studying for an MPH focused on community assessment and social justice.

UPSC pharmacist member Thy Tran's daughter, Tien To, is pursuing a Pursuing a B.S. in Public Health Sciences with aspirations to go to medical school at University of California, Irvine.

2017 Delima MacDonald Community Scholarship Winners

Joan Castaneda is pursuing a Doctor of Optometry at University of California, Berkeley, School of Optometry, working toward graduating as a Doctor of Optometry in 2019.

Jaimie Chen is attending the University of Southern California School of Pharmacy for her Pharm.D. degree.

Cheny Dominguez is attending the University of San Francisco, pursuing an Entry Level MSN to improve and advocate for patient outcomes in health care.

Christina Marie Hilo is pursuing a Bachelors of Science of Nursing at SUNY Downstate - College of Nursing. Christina Hilo, a community organizer, will be attending SUNY Downstate's Accelerated Bachelors of Science of Nursing (ABSN) program studying to become an RN.

Ronald Pan is pursuing a Master of Science in Nursing. Ronald Pan will leverage his scholarship to serve the patients of America as a nurse.

Special thanks to this year's Scholarship Review Committee! This program would not be possible without all these wonderful volunteer reviewers.

Hortencia Arriaga, KRHCPA
Nikki Avey, KSDHCPA
Elaine Barrido, KDRNA
Pamela K. Brodersen, KDRNA
Elizabeth Chen, KPASCO
Sandra J. Chun, UTSC
Soccoro Constantino, KFRNA
Alissa Dacion
Anna Dacion, KSDHCPA
Susan Daggett, KOCPA
Viera Daniels, PRNA
Elaine Dickerhoof, KDRNA
Autumn Diede, KWHRNA
Edwina Fisher, KRHCPA
Gemma Frulla, SCNSC
Leti Garcia, KRHCPA
Lorraine Grauso-Herman, KSDHCPA
Elizabeth Hawkins, UNAC/UHCP
Tina Henderson, KFRNA
David Huang, KPASCO
Chee Hur, KPASCO
Kristen Jenkins, KOCPA
Donna Knoch, Retiree Chapter
Richard Kocher, UTSC
Hilary Lai, KSDHCPA
Katherine Lewis, KFRNA
Michelle Lin, KSDHCPA
Sojourner Lindsey, KDRNA
Bonnie Lutz
Greg Lutz, UNAC/UHCP
Mary Mendoza, PMRNA
Emily Mmeje, KWHPA
Charmaine Morales, UNAC/UHCP
Linda Morales, KBPRNA
Loan Nguyen, UTSC
Lisa Ober, KWHRNA
Tricia Ornelas, KRHCPA
Hazel Pascual, KOVHCPA
Geshalem Perez, UNAC/UHCP
Barbara Perry, KSDHCPA
Dennis Perry
Stacey Pizzella, KOVHCPA
Rosalin Preechakul, UPSC
Belinda Redding, KWHRNA
Leigh Reza, KBPRNA
Victoria E Robson, KOCPA
Vicki Ruyeras, SCNSC
Rocio Santana, KSDHCPA
Sherri Scott-Vasquez, SPNN
Troy Seagondollar, UNAC/UHCP
Michele Shack, SCNSC
Cynthia Turner, KSDHCPA
Tara Vacharkulksemsuk, KPASCO
Swee Lin Yao, KOCPA



Thank you to all who applied. To learn more about our scholarships, you can review the eligibility guidelines as well as review our frequently asked questions below.


2017 UNAC/UHCP Scholarships

Kathy J. Sackman Member Scholarship
•    Five scholarships of $5,000 each
•    Available to UNAC/UHCP members in good standing

Sonia Moseley Family Scholarship
•    Five scholarships of $5,000 each
•    Available to family members of UNAC/UHCP members in good standing

Delima MacDonald Community Scholarship
•    Five scholarships of $2,000 each
•    Available to community members


General Rules

  • All scholarships will be awarded to students enrolled in a degree program or continuing education courses in a health care field at an accredited college, university, trade or technical school. To win, a student must be enrolled in classes this fall, between September 1 and the end of the year.
  • All applicants must have an overall GPA of 3.0 in order to apply. If an applicant is not currently in a degree program, applicant GPA in the last completed degree program must be at least 3.0.
  • Applicants may only apply for one scholarship in any given year. If applicants are found to have applied for multiple scholarships in one year, all applications will be disqualified from consideration.
  • Applicants will be notified of status in early September.
  • For questions about the application or scholarship claims process, please reach out to our scholarship team.
    • Email: scholarship@unacuhcp.org
    • Voice mail: Call 909-451-0583 and leave a message

CLICK HERE for Scholarship FAQs