Garden Grove RNs Have a New Contract!

November 2013

GGRNA Ratification Montage 01

After record turnout from members during three months of bargaining, Garden Grove RNs have just voted overwhelmingly to ratify their new contract, which includes significant improvements in wages, benefits, floating, cancellations and more.

GGRNA stood up and defeated management's attempts to remove Charge RNs and Case Managers from the bargaining unit.

"Because our members became involved in the bargaining process, our Union is stronger than ever and we achieved major improvements." --Merry Recor, RN, Vice President, GGRNA.

Three UNAC/UHCP affiliates will be in bargaining next year, talking about some of the same issues that came up at Garden Grove. Today, we say congratulations to the Garden Grove Registered Nurses Association.

As we look to the next challenge, we think of our colleagues at Parkview Registered Nurses Association, St. Francis Registered Nurses Association, and the Sharp Professional Nurses Network and know that their next contracts impact our jobs too. Their struggles will be our struggles.

This means that the victory for Garden Grove nurses is a victory for all UNAC/UHCP members.