FVPA Health Benefits Update on Concerns

December 2010

UNAC/UHCP Members Are Eligible for the TENET Wellness Program

November 8 – 10, 2010 was the annual open enrollment for employee health benefits.   Several  meetings  were held explaining  the TENET Health Benefit Plans for 2011. The union received multiple calls from concerned members regarding the presentation and statements made by FVRHMC at the said meetings.

The union immediately called management’s attention to the members’ concerns.  Labor-Management  meetings  ensued to review the whole Health Benefit Plan. From the union’s perspective, the  goal  is to ensure that the plan is completely in line with the collective bargaining agreement  and none of the members are disenfranchised.

One tangible result of the union’s advocating for the members is the guaranteed participation of UNAC/UHCP members in the Wellness Program, as well as inclusion in its incentives.

Talks are on-going between TENET and UNAC/UHCP to address other concerns voiced by the members. If you have questions/concerns about the health benefits, please feel free to contact your union. Updates will also be available on this website.