FVPA Bargaining Update: February 12, 2016

February 2016

Round 3 of negotiations transpired on February 10-11. Your bargaining team put in a lot of work. Your issues and concerns were carefully considered by your team in formulating the proposals and counter-proposals at the bargaining table. We appreciate all members who came and participated in the team discussions providing us with needed insight.

Here are the highlights of the 2-day session:

Article 10 – Performance Improvement and Discipline

  • Ensure adequate Union representation of member(s) in Level 2 and Level 3 meetings with management.

Article 13 – Compensation

  • The Union presented counter-proposals on Standby & Callback specifically addressing units where mandatory standby is required and providing rest in between shifts.
  • The employer presented a counter offer to the Union’s proposals on RN increases in the wage grid rates, shift differentials, standby & callback, education incentive, specialty certification incentive and weekender rate.
  • The employer rejected Union proposal to include Medical Professional Charge differential.
  • The employer agreed to add CPAN in the list of National Certification.

Article 15 – Benefit Plans

  • The employer is open to improving the 401K match.
  • EPO doctor’s visit co-pay possible increase capped at $25.00.
  • California Paid Sick Time (CPST) provided for Per Diems – 48 hours of paid sick time per year.
  • Inclusion of the PTO accrual tables in the contract.

Article 19 – Leaves of Absence

  • The Union proposed continuation of benefits using PTO while an employee is on a protected leave of absence or a general leave of absence
  • The Union introduced a process for when the employee’s PTO is depleted and the use of COBRA benefits.

A strong contract does not just happen! It takes all of us working together, talking to our co-workers and participating in the bargaining process. Let us show support by attending bargaining sessions.


March 14, 15, 22, 23 & 24
10 am - 4 pm

Los Caballeros Sports Club
17272 Newhope Street | Fountain Valley, CA 92708


CLICK HERE for a PDF version of the bargaining update.

For more information, contact Staff Representative Minerva Aller-dela Fuente at (562) 201-9992 or Minerva.AllerDelaFuente@unacuhcp.org