First Day of Bargaining: August 16, 2011

August 2011

Today was the first day of bargaining. RNs throughout the system came to show their support. There was much active discussion on both sides. We reached tentative agreements on 6 articles. We hope to continue the process in a collaborative manner.

We will be meeting tomorrow at 10 AM at the Handlery Hotel in Mission Valley/Hotel Circle North. Come and show your support and see your bargaining team in action! Parking stickers will be provided to RNs who attend.

August 18, 23, 25
Sheraton Four Points
8110 Aero Drive
San Diego, CA 92123

August 17 & 26
Handlery Hotel
950 Hotel Circle North
San Diego, CA 92123

Information: info@unacuhcp.org or

Call the hotline for updates and time frames: 619-280-5460

Or text SPNN to 37398 for updates