Everyday Leader – Monica Guillemin, PA-C

December 2011

As a union activist, I feel a responsibility to look out for other union members first and foremost. When I go into meetings as a union representative, I’m not just
representing my unit, but my colleagues in other units as well. I look out for all my fellow Physician Assistants.

It was our Steward who helped me become grateful for the union. Without her even knowing, I watched and appreciated her work. She made me feel that Physician Assistants were a valuable part of the union.  She represented one and all in the union, and her goal was to share information with everyone equally, no matter what type of health care professional you were.

I remember what it was like to be out there, unrepresented, without stability. I was in the ER in Fontana when Physician Assistants voted to join UNAC/UHCP. Through the union we came into a large fold. We fall under the big umbrella now, and we’ve got numerous opportunities for that reason. We have a voice in legislation. The union gives us a stable work environment.  I appreciate
that even more in our turbulent economy.

I always wanted to go into medicine, because my great grandmother had heart issues. I decided to become a PA because I like the flexibility of my schedule and the diversity of practice areas. Physician Assistant is one of the fastest-growing professions in medicine today.

I’ve seen the supporting hand that UNAC/UHCP has extended to help PAs be real partners in medicine. I’ve seen how being a part of a huge union helps all of the medical professions. So I attend peer meetings, I get involved in improving areas of our work. I’m a team player, and the union is my team.