Envisioning the Win at Parkview

February 2014

By Linda Hippolyte RN, BSN, PRNA Secretary

Parkview Registered Nurses are eager to begin negotiating our third union contract. PRNA officers have begun strategizing to make this contract as much a success as the current one. Surveys, rounding, initializing our Contract Action Team (CAT) and engaging our RNs to speak up and let their voices be heard—these are a few things we will be doing to ensure our success.

With our new CEO and an increase in new hires, we know we have a lot of work to do to make sure we are on point when we begin negotiations. What we strive to achieve is to let every nurse know, new or old, that their voice matters; that their voice makes a difference and wins battles. We strive to show power and numbers and our ability to fight for what we believe in—better working conditions, so we can work efficiently while providing excellent patient care—and win. We’ve done it before and we shall do it again, in solidarity.