Election Victories Offer Chance to Move Our Country Forward

November 2008

Hope. Progress. Change.

Union members are celebrating Barack Obama’s victory in Tuesday’s presidential election.

“After eight years of no action on health care reform and attacks on union rights, we finally have our chance to move our nation forward,” says Kathy Sackman, RN, UNAC/UHCP president. “This is an incredible victory and an incredible opportunity.”

UNAC/UHCP activists were among the 40,000 AFSCME active and retired members nationwide who knocked on more doors and made more phone calls to our co-workers and neighbors than in any previous election year.

In fact, union voters played a key role in President-elect Obama’s historic victory, delivering a critical bloc of support in swing states that helped propel Obama and other working-family candidates to big wins. Election-night polling showed that in key battleground states, AFL-CIO union members supported Obama by a whopping 69 - 28 margin, versus a general public margin of 51 - 47.

“A change has come,” says AFSCME President Gerald McEntee. “Hope is here.”

McEntee adds, “Now we must begin the urgent work of rebuilding the middle class at home; restoring America’s reputation in the world; and transforming our government into a vibrant force that solves problems, stands with American families and empowers people and communities to improve their lives.”

In other races crucial to UNAC/UHCP members, Mark Ridley-Thomas overwhelmingly won his bid to represent Los Angeles County’s second district on the Board of Supervisors, pledging to re-open Martin Luther King Jr.-Harbor Hospital by January 2010. In addition, Marty Block and Manuel Perez won their races for California State Assembly.