VOTE! Election Day Endorsements

October 2012

Your vote is your voice. If you're still deciding how to vote on California's myriad ballot propositions, provided below are the California Labor Federation endorsements and a brief explanation of each measure. Election Day is November 6, but early voting is widely available.

Proposition 30: Vote YES
Prevents school cuts

Proposition 31: Vote NO
Puts worker safety and environmental protections at risk

***Proposition 32: Vote NO
Silences our voice for patient safety***

Proposition 33: Vote NO
Favors auto insurance companies over consumers

Proposition 34: Vote YES
Death penalty sentencing reform

Proposition 35: Vote YES
Human trafficking penalties

Proposition 36: Vote YES
Three-Strikes revision

Proposition 37: Vote YES
Genetically engineered food labeling

Proposition 38: Vote NO

State income tax increase

Proposition 39: Vote YES
Funds clean energy jobs, closes corporate tax loophole

Proposition 40: Vote YES
Upholds redistricting of State Senate districts

Click here to download a copy of the endorsements to bring to the voting booth