UNAC/UHCP Ebola Preparedness Update

October 2014

EbolaPreparedness_WebGraphicDear UNAC/UHCP Member:

As we are all aware, there has been plenty of activity and discussion around Ebola and its arrival in the United States. As of today, there are only four confirmed cases and many false alarms.

As your union, we have taken the issue very seriously and have been in contact with the state's Department of Industrial Relations and Cal OSHA. While we haven't had a confirmed case in California, we share any worries you may have as frontline caregivers.

This week, UNAC/UHCP and AFSCME met with Governor Jerry Brown, labor leaders and first responders to discuss the Ebola crisis and what California needs to do to be ready should a situation arise in our state.

The State and local county departments are committed to doing everything possible to be prepared in California. Moreover, we are working with our individual facilities to make sure they are prepared to handle patients, and most importantly have all of the necessary Personal Protective Equipment available.

As we move forward, let’s try to maintain perspective of the potential threat as we work to serve and protect our patients.

We will continue to keep you updated.

In Unity,

Ken Deitz, RN, President
Denise Duncan, RN, Executive Vice President
Jettie Deden-Castillo, NP, Treasurer
Charmaine Morales, RN, Secretary