Download PulsePoint App

July 2014

As health care professionals, we maintain CPR certification as part of our jobs. Now we have an opportunity to help those in need of CPR outside of work.

Pulsepoint is a mobile phone application, or app, that matches those trained in CPR with those needing life-saving CPR. The app was created because while 57% of American adults say they've had CPR training that they would be willing to use to save a stranger's life, only 11% have used that training in an emergency. When CPR-trained people receive an alert through the PulsePoint system, it tells them where the sudden cardiac arrest is happening and where they can find the nearest AED.

UNAC/UHCP has not tested the application throughout Southern California, but it has been embraced by the city of San Diego. PulsePoint is connected to public safety communication centers. It is only available in areas where it has been implemented by the local emergency agencies. San Diego is the largest region to adopt the technology.

As health care professionals, saving lives is part of our work. UNAC/UHCP encourages you to download this app at pulsepoint.org. It is available for both iOS (Apple) phones and Android phones.

More information about the CPR app can be found in this article from the UT-San Diego.

How to Set Up PulsePoint
1. Go to the App Store on your Apple phone or PulsePoint.org and download the app

2. Once downloaded, hit the red button in the top left side corner with the three parallel horizontal lines. Click the Agencies option, second from the top, and search by zip code to find your local alerts.

Below is the agencies screen:

3. Click back to the home screen and you should see local emergencies. To receive alerts, set alerts to on at the bottom of the home screen.

Below is the home screen, with a slide at the bottom where the alerts functionality is set to on or off: