DCHS Agreement Reached

December 2014


Late Thursday night, the SFRNA negotiating team received a request from DHCS to meet at their law offices in Century City.

A complete tentative agreement was reached with DCHS and our negotiating team Friday afternoon. The Prime-specific pension, most favored nation and health insurance Letters of Agreement were also agreed to, but are pending the signature of an authorized Prime representative.

Ratification Meetings
Tuesday, December 23
Medical Center (Room Location to be Determined)

Holding a ratification vote is subject to Prime signing the Letters of Agreement.  If Prime does not sign the new Letters of Agreement, no ratification meetings will be held.

Please contact a bargaining team member for additional information.

Your SFRNA Bargaining Team,
Scott Byington
Marilen Castanon
Edwin Guardado
Rosa Carcamo
Miriam Pinawin
Ana Bergeron
Brenda Gomez
Margo Chavez
Sandi Marques