CPR, PALS, and ACLS Certifications

July 2014

Earlier this year, Sharp made a unilateral, system-wide change to working conditions regarding CPR, PALS and ACLS certifications and re-certifications without negotiating with the Union. Sharp Healthcare’s position was that all certifications and re-certifications were to be completed at Sharp’s Cardiac Training Center (CTC).

When your Union was made aware of this change we immediately took action under your Union contract. After several meetings and negotiation sessions between UNAC/SPNN and Sharp Healthcare, they agreed to allow Sharp Healthcare providers to obtain CPR, PALS, and ACLS cards from other facilities outside of Sharp Healthcare.

Currently cards will be accepted from the following hospital and training facilities:

Palomar Health
Rady Children’s Hospital
Southwestern Community College
Nurses Educational Opportunities (NEO)
American Safety, Inc.

Please consult Sharp’s Intranet for the most current list of accepted providers.

Click here to download a flyer with more information.