Corona RNs: Standing Up, Speaking Out and Winning for Patient Safety

March 2013

Corona RNs are already proving that when Nurses stand up for each other and speak out, they can win changes to protect patient safety—even at a UHS hospital!

Corona has an unlicensed patient care overflow area in its ER called the RAP Room: “Results Are Pending.” In early February, Corona RN Kathy Conti saved a patient’s life by calling a code in the RAP Room, exposing safety problems such as understaffing and a lack of equipment, like a crash cart nearby; and O2 or suction available.

Though management scapegoated Kathy for the unsafe conditions, her co-workers stood up and spoke out for justice & patient safety:

More Staffing & Safer Equipment Come to the RAP Room

CEO Metcalfe ended his “Open Door Policy” when his RNs showed up with their demands--refusing to meet with them. And Management is still scapegoating Kathy Conti.

But almost immediately, change came to the RAP Room:

  • There must now be two staff in the RAP Room, not one
  • There’s new, safer equipment in the RAP Room

Corona RNs are blazing a trail for justice and patient safety at UHS for Inland Valley and Rancho RNs to follow!