Corona RNs March in Strength for Justice and Patient Safety

March 2013

Corona-March-WebOn February 28, 2013, the RNs of Corona Regional Medical Center marched as a delegation in solidarity to the office of Corona CEO Robert Kevan Metcalfe, to hand deliver our petitions signed by dozens of Corona RNs in support of our colleague Kathy Conti, ER RN unjustly and indefinitely suspended after advocating for safe patient care.

The petition demands:

1. Immediate reinstatement of Kathy Conti with full back pay

2. Immediate changes to make the ER RAP Room safe or discontinue its use

We are still collecting signatures of Corona RNs on the petition. If you are a Corona RN and have not yet signed, please sign here.

Open Door: Another Promise Broken

Corona RNs all recall that during our election campaign Metcalfe (during his captive audience, or “Labor Relations” meetings) promised us that he wanted to hear what we had to say through his “Open Door Policy,” and that we did not need to make an appointment to meet with him.

So we were surprised that when we showed up to his office, he refused to meet with us! “Your union is not yet certified,” he said, “So you need to wait in the lobby.” Metcalfe slammed his imaginary “Open Door” on us and refused to receive our petitions. Metcalfe broke his promise!

Our mission as RNs is to apprise him of unsafe patient care standards in our hospital. With or without a certified union, we, the RNs, are patient advocates, mandated by our oaths, by Title 22 (California Code of Regulations), and the Nursing Practice Act to ensure that patient care standards are always met, and that patient safety is always our priority. This applies to the problems in the ER RAP Room. Metcalfe should listen to us, the bedside nurses.

We feel this is an organizational triumph for us! The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has not yet certified the results of our conclusive union victory—due to delays by management wasting patient care dollars on high priced lawyers. But we have shown that when we stand united as RNs and support each other, we have a stronger voice in our continued fight for patient care, and professional dignity and respect!

Corona Election News

Corona RNs voted decisively for our Union. But managment has attempted to block certification of our election by making ridiculous charges.

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) will hold a hearing on 3/25, where Management will have to try to prove their charges. The NLRB will rule soon after.

Download a leaflet with this information to print and share.