Corona RNs Join Community Fight for the Children

September 2013

Community members in the City of Corona are stepping up to save the Pediatrics Unit at Corona Regional Medical Center, scheduled for closure in early September, and Corona RNs are joining the fight. A website has been set up, SaveCoronaPediatrics.com, with action steps and resources. Please visit the site to see how you can help.

Tens of thousands of children in the area will lose access to routine health care close to home, and would have to be transported at least thirty miles away with any emergency condition requiring admittance to the hospital. “It will have a huge impact on the community,” Dr. Victor Ortuno, chairman of the unit, said in the Riverside Press-Enterprise. Corona RNs have joined an ever-growing group of community members at two Corona City Council meetings to testify against the closure. Everyday more residents are stepping up, from Parent Teacher Association leaders, to firefighters, to UNAC/UHCP members who live in the city of Corona, and others. One PTA leader blasted an email out to 46 other PTAs in the neighborhood, rallying them to flood the City Council. Corona’s Mayor, Vice Mayor and several Council members have all expressed concern. The coalition grows every day and the situation is in constant motion. Visit SaveCoronaPediatrics.com or our own website to get updates and see what you can do.