Corona Nurses Take Their Issues to the Top

September 2015


Corona Nurses Take Their Issues to the Top

For months, your Corona RN Bargaining Team has been negotiating in good faith in order to reach mutual agreements on the everyday working conditions that affect how we deliver care at Corona Regional Medical Center (CRMC). Your team decided to take their concerns and a petition signed by the majority of CRMC nurses to other UHS executives in order to have their voices heard.


Flo Bautista, RN, delivered the cover letter and petition to Mark Uffer, CEO of UHS in Corona, CA. Bautista, a Corona Bargaining Team member and RN in the Med/Surg. department at CRMC, walked into Uffer’s office using his open door policy to voice the concerns of the nurses. To her disappointment, Uffer was in back-to back meetings and the package had to be delivered to his assistant.

Nurse Bautista will be reaching out to CEO Uffer to set up a face-to-face meeting to ensure he received the package and to discuss the staffing level concerns of the nurses at CRMC.

Please support your bargaining team members in their efforts to voice your concerns on the unsafe staffing levels at CRMC and the need for a Patient Safety Committee.


On Wednesday, September 9, 2015, Jeannine Wakehouse, RN, delivered a cover letter from the Corona RN Bargaining Team and the signatures from the nurses at CRMC to Steve Filton, CFO of UHS, at the Baird Conference in New York City, NY. Wakehouse travelled far to speak directly to Filton in hopes of having him positively influence the management team representing UHS at the bargaining table.



Wakehouse has since emailed Filton to further discuss the needs for items like a Patient Safety Committee.

The following day, Wakehouse traveled to King of Prussia, Pennsylvania (home to UHS headquarters) to speak directly with Allen Miller, CEO of UHS and the intended recipient of the petition package (see petition cover letter above). As with Mark Uffer back in Corona, CA, Miller was also unavailable in Pennsylvania. Instead, Wakehouse spoke with two HR personnel who ensured her that the package would be delivered to Miller.


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