Corona Bargaining Update: Three Productive Days at the Bargaining Table

September 2014

091714 CRNA BT Eyes on the Contract Language WebOver their first three days of bargaining, our Corona Bargaining Team submitted major building block articles toward our first contract, and reached tentative agreement on two of them.

The Bargaining Team continues to develop proposals to submit at future bargaining sessions on patient care and safety, as well as improved working conditions.

Contract Articles Proposed:

  • Agreement and Recognition: indicates who is covered under the contract
  • Association Security: covers dues deduction
  • Association Representation: covers Stewards, Staff Representatives and their access to the hospital
  • Non-Discrimination: the Facility, UNAC/UHCP and CRNA will not discriminate
  • Harassment: the facility will not tolerate harassment and will protect those who report harassment from retaliation
  • Mutual Respect
  • Notices
  • Savings Clause

Tentative Agreements:

  • Non Discrimination
  • Savings Clause

Future Bargaining Dates Will be Announced at the General Membership Meeting

General Membership Meeting
Tuesday, October 21, 2014 | 7:30–10 am & 5–9 pm
Ayres Hotel, 1900 Frontage Road, Corona

Come hear more about negotiations from our Bargaining Team, Staff Representative and Chief Negotiator. Contact a Bargaining Team member for more details.

Leaflet with this information to print and share with co-workers