Corona Bargaining Update: June 25, 2015

June 2015

Corona RN Bargaining Team 20150623Your Corona RN Bargaining Team met with management on June 23, 24, and 25 to continue negotiating for a strong contract.

A tentative agreement was reached on Education which provides additional reimbursement relating to tuition, including books. The article includes details on how RNs are to be compensated when attending mandatory classes.

Several other proposals were exchanged with UHS-Corona management, including:

  • Attendance and Tardiness: Management provided a proposal that was more aggressive and punitive than current hospital policy. Your RN Bargaining Team countered management’s punitive attendance proposal with a proposal that takes into account RN work-life balance and extenuating circumstances.
  • Minimum Rates and Most Favored Nation: Your RN Bargaining Team made a proposal that states that the wages and benefits secured in the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) are the minimum; however, it would not prevent management from increasing wages and benefits for all bargaining unit members if management decides to do so.
  • Across the Board (ATB) Wage Increases: Your RN Bargaining Team submitted their compensation proposal to management on February 25, 2015 and continues to fight for guaranteed across the board wage increases for all bargaining unit members. To date, management has not responded to the Union’s proposal.
  • Conversely, management’s current merit pay system is fraught with subjective opinion, frequently does not reflect an accurate performance rating, and is often reflective of hospital budget assumptions which results in lower and inconsistent increases for RNs.

Your RN Bargaining Team is steadfast in finalizing your first ever Collective Bargaining Agreement. We urge you all to KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE PRIZE! Do not be distracted or intimidated by those who wish for you to fail!


For more information contact: Thor at 909-784-9739 or Penny at 909-263-9198
Reach out to a Bargaining Team member, Penny, or Thor with any questions or concerns!

Click here for a full PDF version of the bargaining update.