Corona Bargaining Update: July 23, 2015

July 2015

Corona RN Bargaining Team 20150623On July 21, 22, and 23, your Corona RN Bargaining Team met with management to continue negotiating for a strong contract.

Several proposals were exchanged with UHS-Corona management, including:

  • Attendance: The Hospital’s position on their Attendance proposal continues to be punitive in nature. They want to continue to force nurses to call in sick four hours before the start of their shifts, or they will not be excused. This forces RNs to come to work sick. Management's disciplinary schedule is so punitive that it will force nurses to abandon their sick family members and loved ones for fear of retaliation and discipline by management.
  • Layoff and Reduction of Force: The Hospital’s position on their Layoff and Reduction of Force proposal does not fully take into account nurses' seniority at Corona Regional Medical Center. Management believes that a 10 days’ notice to the nurse and our Union is sufficient for nurses to prepare for losing their jobs. Our Union continues to fight to protect RNs' jobs and provide a safety net for their families.
  • Discipline: The Hospital’s position on their Disciplinary proposal is that nurses' past mistakes should continue to be held over their heads for 24 to 48 months. Furthermore, they propose that any final written warning, at management’s discretion, can be held over the nurse's head for the rest of their career at Corona Regional Medical Center. The Union believes that this is unfair and punitive, and that disciplines should have an expiration date and not be used as a continuous and never-ending punishment for nurses.


August 18 & 19
September 22, 23, & 24

Ayres Hotel
1900 Frontage Road
Corona, CA 92882


For more information contact: Thor at 909-784-9739 or Penny at 909-263-9198
Reach out to a Bargaining Team member, Penny, or Thor with any questions or concerns!

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