Corona Bargaining Update: August 19, 2015

August 2015

CoronaBargainingTeam20150819-WebAt the bargaining table on August 18, 2015, UHS-Corona Management rejected our Union’s proposal to institute a Patient Care Committee for Quality Care & Working Environment. The committee would be composed of six staff RNs and six management members and designed to “monitor the quality of patient care, make recommendations to improve patient services, monitor compliance with Title 22, and develop and improve the delivery of care to the community.”

UHS-Corona Management rejected the Committee because they clearly DO NOT want our Union and Staff Nurses to have a monthly voice into safe patient care. Why is UHS-Corona so afraid of having us participate in patient care issues?

UHS-Corona Management told the Union Bargaining Team that they are only required by Title 22 to meet and discuss the patient classification system and related issues at least once a year. We believe that a once a year meeting among purely management staff, without input and ideas from staff RNs, to discuss patient care issues is not only insufficient and ineffective, but also an insult to Corona Registered Nurses and their patients. Why do you think management is opposing a Patient Care Committee that is aimed at addressing nursing issues and patient safety?

Please visit www.unacuhcp.org/CoronaVoice and let us know your thoughts and give us your feedback on these issues. This is OUR CONTRACT and we would love to hear back from you!

In Solidarity,
Your RN Bargaining Team


For more information contact: Thor at 909-784-9739 or Penny at 909-263-9198
Reach out to a Bargaining Team member, Penny, or Thor with any questions or concerns!

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