Convention Update: Continuing Education with Dr. Ann Mayo

November 2010

Ann Mayo, RN, DNSc presented a continuing education class to UNAC/UHCP members on best practices in nursing care for older adults. Dr. Mayo noted that, currently, 80% of Americans 65 years and older are living with at least one chronic illness and nine out of 10 older adults linger and experience a downward spiral instead of dying suddenly. This population is expected to at least double by the year 2030 to approximately 71 million people, or 20% of the population.

Dr. Mayo addressed the five top contributors to functional decline in older adults – depression, delirium, dementia, pain and falls. Stating that RNs are primarily responsible within the direct care environment for promoting health, preventing accidents, managing illness symptoms and creating and maintaining a safe environment for older Americans, Dr. Mayo covered prevalent patient care management problems for geriatric nursing and the practice implications for RNs. Dr. Mayo discussed protocols for best practices using evidence-based tools and patient assessments targeted specifically to older adults.