Convention | Nominations for Secretary/Treasurer and Three Board of Director Seats

June 2012

During this year’s convention on October 22-24, an election will be held for Secretary/Treasurer, and three Board of Director seats.

Nominations for Secretary/Treasurer are now open, and will remain open until the close of the business session on Monday, October 22. Currently holding the position is Barbara Blake, RN. The Secretary/Treasurer serves a four-year term, and will automatically serve as a delegate to the NUHHCE and AFSCME conventions. The State Constitution, Section 606, specifies the requirements for election to a State office: the person must be a member in good standing for at least two years immediately preceding the election; have practiced the profession of nursing for at least three years, or is a professional employee as defined in Section 301, provided that such a person has practiced as a professional employee for at least three years; and has been a member of an affiliate for at least two years.

Nominations for the three Board of Directors seats are now open. Board of Directors seats are four-year terms. The three available seats are currently held by: Asela T. Omilig-Espiritu, RN, Cindy Klein, RN, and Pam Brodersen, NP. Members may send nominations to the Convention Nominations Committee, in care of State Secretary/Treasurer Barbara Blake, RN.

Nominations may be submitted by mail: 955 Overland Court, Suite 150, San Dimas, CA 91773; by fax: 909-599-8655; or by email: Barbara@unacuhcp.org. Nominations must include the member’s full name and title. A brief background is recommended (please type instead of handwriting).