Convention 2010 – Amendments, Nominations and Resolutions – August 1, 2010

August 2010

Convention is approaching and so is the deadline to submit Constitutional amendments. The date all amendments are due is August 8 (not Aug. 12, as reported in the Voice). The explanation on how amendments may be submitted was provided in the July/August 2010 issue of the Voice.

We now have Convention committee chairs from the host affiliate, St. Francis Registered Nurses Association. The chairs are as follows:

Amendments Committee Chair: Sandi Marques, RN
Resolutions Committee Chair: Lois Jones, RN
Nominations Committee Chair: Mary Ferrell, RN

Amendments should be sent to the State Secretary, Barbara Blake, RN (Barbara@unacuhcp.org ), who will submit all amendments to the Amendments Committee Chair.

Also, nominations for the Board of Directors (four seats) and the State Officers (President and State Secretary) may be submitted now and through the closing of nominations at the Convention on November 8. Article VI, Section 606 of the UNAC/UHCP Constitution, details the eligibility requirements for members wishing to run for a State Association office. Nominations should be sent to the State Secretary, Barbara Blake, RN (Barbara@unacuhcp.org ), who will submit all nominations to the Nominations Committee Chair. A brief bio is suggested.

Article X, Sections 1014 and 1015 of the Constitution, defines the process to submit affiliate resolutions. Affiliate resolutions may be submitted up to ten days prior to the start of convention. Affiliate resolutions should be sent to the State Secretary, Barbara Blake, RN (Barbara@unacuhcp.org ), who will submit all resolutions to the Resolutions Committee Chair.
See you at Convention!

Submitting Amendments, Nominations and Resolutions

Amendment Submission

Article XIV

Section 1401

Proposed Amendments to the UNAC/UHCP Constitution may be submitted to the State Convention by request of the Executive Council, the Board of Directors, Resolutions Committee, or an Affiliate. All Amendments introduced by an Affiliate shall bear the signatures of at least two (2) elected officers of the Affiliate certifying that the Amendment was approved for submission to the Convention by the policy making body or membership of the Affiliate.

Section 1402

Proposed Amendments to the UNAC/UHCP Constitution may be submitted to the State Convention by a signed petition of twenty-five percent (25%) of the members of any Affiliate in good standing.

Section 1403

If a proposed Amendment is to be submitted to the State Convention, it must reach the office of the State Secretary at least ninety (90) days prior to the convening of the Convention and must be sent by the State Secretary to the Affiliates at least sixty (60) days before the Convention.

Nominations Submission

Article VI

Section 606

No member shall be eligible for nomination or election to a State Association office unless the person:
1. Shall be a member in good standing for a period of two (2) years immediately preceding the election;
2. Has practiced the profession of nursing for at least three (3) years, or is a professional employee as definite in Article III, Section 301, and has previously been admitted to membership by action of the Executive Council, provided that such person has practiced as a professional employee for at least three (3) years;
3. Has been a member of an Affiliate for at least two (2) years.

Article III

Section 301

Qualifications for Membership:
1. A Registered Nurse properly licensed in accordance with appropriate state laws.
2. A professional employee, other than a Registered Nurse, within the meaning of Section 2 (12) of the National Labor Relations Act, engaged in health care delivery.
3. The payment of dues by the last day of each month.

Resolution Submission

Article X

Section 1014

All Affiliate resolutions other than Constitutional Amendments to be considered by the Convention must be adopted by the Affiliate and sent to the State Secretary. They must be in the State Secretary's hand no later than ten (10) days prior to the convening of the Convention. The State Secretary shall submit all Affiliate resolutions and any recommendations of the Board of Directors to the Chairperson of the appropriate committee.

Section 1015

Resolutions bearing on differing subjects must be typewritten on separate papers and only on one side of the paper. Resolutions must be properly signed by the President/Co-Chairs and Secretary of the Affiliate submitting such resolution.