Our Commitment to Patient Care Won’t be Silenced

October 2016


What’s happening at SPNN right now is historic.

By the thousands, Sharp RNs have taken action to fight for our patients.

+ We've attended negotiations by the hundreds
+ We've called for Sharp to retain and recruit experienced nurses
+ We've linked up by the thousands on social media
+ We've signed up nearly 1,000 new members in just a few weeks
img_0119_sm+ We've taken our patient advocacy to the media and the world
+ We've planned our Real Sharp Experience event to challenge Sharp executives to meet their own ideal: “The best place to work and the best place to receive care”

And now we've celebrated what we've accomplished this far.

On Monday, October 3, nurses from the Sharp Professional Nurses Network (SPNN) spoke at the 2016 UNAC/UHCP convention to share our stories about our fight to recruit and retain experienced nurses in our facilities.

img_0117_smIntroduced by AFSCME President Lee Saunders, and flanked by NUHHCE President Henry Nicholas, we talked about why we've taken on this fight and why we will do whatever it takes to protect our patients.

We also announced a planned rally for October 6 at the San Diego Convention Center, where hundreds of nurses planned to come to make our voices heard. #WeSupportSharpRNs

We must remain united and force Sharp HealthCare to address our concerns.

We never thought this would be easy. We always knew that it would take an extraordinary effort to ensure Sharp hospital management hears our concerns and takes them seriously. That is why we've had hundreds of nurses come to bargaining. We need Sharp management to listen to our concerns and take them seriously.

img_0115_smOur intention was always to highlight the crisis in nurse retention and recruitment at Sharp and its impact on patient care.

We hope this means that Sharp executives have heard our concerns and plan to invest in recruitment and retention of nurses rather than a corporate pep rally.

We must press forward to win for our patients.