Chino RN Bargaining Team & Management Reach Agreement on Multiple Issues

June 2012

Bargaining Update #4: June 21, 2012

Below is a summary of some of the issues we’ve reached agreement on. The next step is to begin negotiations over wages, benefits and patient care issues. Please attend our exclusive RN only meetings to give input on wages, benefits and patient care issues. See the schedule here.

These RN only meetings are in addition to the negotiation sessions. All RNs are encouraged to attend negotiations as well. Sign up online here

Representation Rights: Chino recognizes the Union as the official representative for Registered Nurses. This allows each nurse to have professional representation on any issues of concern. We will also have our own union bulletin boards and availability of conference rooms for meetings and trainings.

Job Postings/Filling of Vacancies: We established a process that allows internal candidates to have first priority at new positions over outside candidates.

Seniority: For the first time seniority will be officially recognized, and in the event of any layoff or department closures, RNs will have expanded rights to job protection.

Probation/Evaluation: We reduced the probation period from 6 months to 90 days and ensured that issues identified in evaluations cannot be used for discipline.

Health/Safety: We won strong protections to a guaranteed safe work environment, involving issues such as security, counseling, hazardous conditions, workplace violence and communicable diseases.

Non Discrimination: We won protections against discrimination.

Harassment: We won protection against harassment as well as guarantees of no retaliation if we raise issues related to harassment at work.

Grievance/Arbitration Procedure: We now have a three step procedure to use if any part of our contract is violated or any of our rights are violated, in an effort to resolve the issue. If we are unable to resolve the issue with management, a neutral third party arbitrator will hear our case and make a decision on the issue.

Download Bargaining Update #4 with this information to print and share with co-workers.

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