Through joining together and working as a team, UNAC/UHCP’s 25,000+ members have won huge victories and raised standards for our patients, our professions and our communities.

Safe Staffing Campaign

By standing together we’ve won hundreds of new positions to fix unsafe staffing in our hospitals. Learn how.

Workplace Violence Prevention

UNAC/UHCP helped make health care workers safer in our workplaces, where we are subject to violence more than any other profession except law enforcement, by winning strict new Cal/OSHA regulations. Learn how.

Saving the 12 Hour Shift

UNAC/UHCP saved the option of the 12 hour shift for all California RNs, after a 2015 court decision threatened to end the longstanding practice. Learn how.


See below for more of UNAC/UHCP’s latest victories and achievements in our workplaces and beyond.

Big Win for Tele

A team of RNs presented 2,000 petitions to Kaiser management on February 27, this time regarding the 1:3 nurse-to-patient UNAC ratios in tele units. We stood strong together, and Kaiser heard us! Click through to watch the video.

We Are The Heart of KP

Watch the video recap of our February 14 actions across Southern California! #WeAreUNACUHCP

Beverly Registered Nurses Ratify New Four-Year Contract

Beverly RNs voted to ratify a new four-year contract. The vote successfully locked in significant wage increases, new float and specialty differentials, tuition reimbursement for the first time, substantially reduced insurance premiums, and many other improvements.

When We Stand Up for Patient Safety, Patients Win

On September 15, UNAC/UHCP delivered petitions with thousands of signatures from UNAC/UHCP RNs and other health care professionals, calling on Kaiser Permanente to respect scope of practice and maintain patient safety in telemetry. This comes in response to Kaiser's plan to eliminate telemetry units throughout the Southern California region.

UNAC/UHCP Members Stand Up For Respect

With contract negotiations less than a year away, thousands of UNAC/UHCP members from hospitals across Southern California stickered up on July 20 to call for respect for our partnership.